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This system is an incredible time saver and as was mentioned previously it just removes the need for the boring and time consuming process of setting up the slides etc for each video.” – JPM Publishing

Video ProspectorVideo Prospecting gets CLIENTS calling YOU. YOU are the EXPERT and THEY are coming to YOU FOR HELP! Best of all, it’s simple, easy to do, and no special expertise is necessary!

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Using Video Prospector (I timed it) it took exactly 7 1/2 minutes to upload the audio, the slides, enter the duration of each slide, click Start, and sit back while it crunched everything. Since I only spent half that time actually doing anything, this was one of my easiest ever slideshow training videos to create.” – Kevin Riley

Just listen to what a real client had to say:

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  1. I am trying to install the video prospect, and I have an Apple Notebook. I can download:Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, on my Apple computer. What can I do to substitute the Framework to run Video Prospector on my OS?

    Please advise,


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